Friday, 2 January 2009

Resto gear guides for Heroics and Naxxramas

Happy new year peoples. Now Kam is almost 80 I've started to look for big lists of Resto loot to go seek. Here is what I've found thus far.

Chain Heal Rises as Circle of Healing Falls has an interesting discussion about stats for haste and mp5 to shoot for (350-400 haste & 550 mp5 in combat).

This Healer Wrath rep post from World of Matticus has more to add to my old Shaman rep post. This one covers all healers, so is an interesting read to keep informed of what the other healing lot are after.

Mana Tide - To-do List for the Level 80 Resto Shaman is a nice list of specs, glyphs, reputation loot and BoE stuff.

Way Of The Totem: Rep rewards: Filling your gear gaps has more rep item discussion, but you can never get enough, right?

The Egg and I is a discussion of where to spend those badgers, erm I mean emblems, from Way Of The Totem.

Gear Choices Pt. I - Gearing up for Naxx is the list from Shields Up!

Healing With Hooves is a blog I've just discovered, but they have a good 3 part guide to Resto gear part 1 part 2 part 3.

Now all I need is similar lists for Enhancement and Elemental. Me, collect 3 sets of gear? Why I've not done that since... ok, since the end of TBC.

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