Thursday, 15 January 2009

Kam in Kara... Naxxramas

Thursday was raid night, so Kam went along to Naxxramas as run-in-and-out melee DPS. With the green weapons, pastel mixture of blue and green gear and little clue, off we went into the Arachnid quarter.

Anub'Rekhan was fairly ok, Kam mainly stood behind him and did some hitting. When the crypt guard thing appeared the DPS were meant to switch onto it, but we were also meant to stay spread out so the spike things Anub shoots didn't hit more than one person. Sadly the off tank was positioning the add near to Anub, so I couldn't move onto it without getting in line with some squishie cloth type or another. So I just sat on Anub instead. We did try the kite tactic when the cloud thing happened, but the healers got confused and died or the tank died, so we reverted to tank-and-spank instead, which worked well.

Anub dropped Knife of Incision which scored far higher on my enhancement scale than Kam's crusty 90 dps green weapon, so it was equipped. And Kam's DPS jumped by around 100. Still, I did feel dirty using an offhand dagger with flametongue.

Grand Widow Faerlina. Yes, due to some confusion the add which dispels her frenzy died too soon, so a wipe happened and Kam ended up dead in front of the lady. Second time we got it right and she bit the dust. Kam's role was to stand behind Faerlina and do some DPS, nothing too exciting. The reward was the Rusted-Link Spiked Gauntlets, a proper upgrade! Got to get those gloves gemmed and enchanted.

I didn't want this to turn into an Incompetent Warrior style post, but on our next boss Mrs Maexxna, some shaman was meant to be keeping the Poison curing totem up and Nature resistance. Now unfortunately said shaman got confused and thought Mana Spring was in a different school to Poison Cleansing, so put up mana spring after poison cleansing, resulting in the poor main tank getting the nasty poison on him and dying. Some staring at the floor was done, all corpse-like.

Second time Kam got it right and we had poison cleansing, natural resistance and some standing behind the big spider swinging weapons wildly - resulting in one dead spider.

Finally the raid went to have a look at Patchwerk, because he is a "simple tank and spank". Sadly the off tank wasn' quite hard enough so Kam once again ended the encounter lying face down on the floor. Still, Kam got the spider wing achievement, some loot and emblems for his efforts, so it was a good run overall.

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