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10 Unforgettable WoW moments, causing irreversible reputation damage

Cheers to Cathmor from Eye for an Eye for this BA Shared Topic idea.

For me its the people who make the most memorable moments in WoW, so here are the top 10 silly things my friends have done in WoW.

From the WoW Dungeon Tips page: "If you pick up an item by mistake, you can cause irreversible damage to your reputation as other players might not believe it was an error."

  1. Scarlet Monastery Cathedral - the Case of the Healing Mace. In the days before need and greed rolls - there was just roll or pass, so our usual loot rules were to pass then /roll. Mograine is killed by a party of priest W, resto druid L, resto druid M, feral druid D (me). The Mograine's Might drops. A roll proceeds. Feral druid D wins. The next loot item is Hand of Righteousness from Sally Whitemane, a very nice healing mace our priest would just love to have, and makes it clear in chat with a "NEED". Having lost pretty much every roll of the evening to me, resto druid M just rolls on the mace straight away, thus ninja looting it from our priest. The next thing I see in party chat is another "NEED" from the priest followed him logging off. He later claims it was network issues and he wasn't really annoyed, I'm not so sure. Resto druid M had to use that healing mace for quite a few levels afterward. We still tease him about it today. Irreversible damage you see.
  2. Blackfathom Deeps - the infamous Blue Cloth Trousers. Twilight Lord Kelris drops his Gaze Dreamer Pants. Same party as for SM. Quite a lot drunk, resto druid L proceeds to roll and ninjas these blue cloth trousers right from under the nose of our priest W, who had expressed a strong desire to get them. We still tease druid L about this even today, all blue cloth trousers are now "clearly druid loot". Yet more irreversible damage. Priest W surprisingly gave up healing and rolled a mage when we switched to Horde.
  3. The long lived Staff of Westfall. This was a quest reward on the Alliance at level 22. Just look at it, nice for a resto druid. Unfortunately the druid in question (resto druid L) was still using it at level 40 or so. He claimed he couldn't find anything better, but of course he didn't check the Auction House or look at quest rewards. Now any gear kept for too long is referred to as a "Staff of Westfall".
  4. Upper Blackrock Spire - The Mysterious Way Of The Druid. The 15 man raid faces off against General Drakkisath and his two dragonkin guards, druid D (myself) and druid L are present. Spotting there are two druids, the cunning raid leader calls for both guards to be kept hibernated while Drakk is dealt with. Druid L announces that he cannot hibernate. Confused, the raid leader assures Druid L that Hibernate will be somewhere in his spell book, please could he find it and put it onto a task bar. Druid L proceed to announce that he can't Hibernate because he never learnt it from his trainer; it was too expensive to learn all the druid spells. The raid leader, a little bemused, proceeds to get Druid D to hibernate one guard and the raid to nuke down the other guard instead. Later when challenged, Druid L claims conserving gold is The Way of the Druid.
  5. Karazhan - The Return of the Way of the Druid. Much later after the previous incident, in Karazhan Druid B (a reroll of Druid L) is asked to use tranquility to assist with healing. Druid B confesses not to have trained Tranquility once again due to the cost. Despite already having been caught not training Hibernate. The Way of the Druid is strong with this one.
  6. Area 52 - the case of the Atal'ai Spaulders. The Atal'ai Spaulders, a very nice pair of shoulders for a feral druid from the Sunken Temple. A level 60 feral druid that is. While walking through Area 52, Druid B receives a whisper from a random passer by who has recognised the Atal'ai Spaulders model and can't believe Druid B is still wearing them. At level 70. Druid B once again claims he hasn't found better, which is partly believable because shoulders are hard to come by as quest rewards. However The Way of the Druid dictates living off the land, thus using the Auction House for upgrades is a big no-no.
  7. The Case of the Impossible Combat Res. Karazhan - a wipe is incoming on Moroes so the raid leader calls out for Druid H to perform a combat resurrection. Druid H claims she can't combat res. Later on we have several attempts at convincing Druid H that her Rebirth spell works in combat. She flatly denies having a resurrection spell which works in combat. Finally many weeks later, after being persuaded to try it in combat, she relents. We now haz combat res hurrah.
  8. Murder in the Ungoro Crater. Late at night, Druid M is following Druid L in Tanaris, heading for the new and strange land of Ungoro. Having never been there before, Druid L reasons that a Crater is a hole in the ground, he can see the edge of the Ungoro crater on his map, therefore the quickest and easiest way to enter the crater is to head for the nearest edge. Which he proceeds to do. With full optimism that his cat form will save him in the event of a small drop, Druid L hurls himself off the side of the Ungoro crater to discover that it is... quite deep. Druid M, following manually, foolishly trusts Druid L and also leaps off the side of the crater. Two druid-shaped holes in the bottom of Ungoro are later discovered. This episode begs the question "Who is more the fool: The fool or the fool who follows him?". In this case I think they are equal.
  9. Hit Gems in the Slots. Warlock C decided to get his hit rating up, so he gemmed pretty much all of his gear with rare hit rating gems. Hold on, did I get that link wrong, isn't that a melee hit rating gem instead of a Spell Hit Rating Gem? No, Warlock C got it wrong and had to later regem all his gear again with spell hit. Still, melee hit is good for grinding staff skill...
  10. The underwhelming Pom-Pyro. Maraudon, the Princess boss. Mage A has a tasty Pom-Pyro talent spec, he is geared out in +fire damage items from the Auction House and can destroy elites with a couple of fireballs. Because he needs 6 seconds to cast an amplified fireball and is sure he can take her down quickly, Mage A insists on pulling the Princess. He pops trinkets, charges up a fireball and unleashes hell upon the Princess, a POM Pyroblast follows for maximum damage. Her health bar moved downward by the tinyest of chinks and she becomes rather annoyed by Mage A. He starts running but it is too late, our mad fire mage is squashed instantly. The next pull we decide to let the druid tank have a go...

Hopefully from this you can see that some of my compatriots are a little interesting and they certainly make WoW a whole lot more fun. I'm also not trying to make druids look bad, I have one, but our druids are certainly a unique breed.

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