Friday, 27 June 2008

Desecrating bonfires

As I've previously mentioned it's midsummer season in Azeroth and Outlands, so rather than grind Shattered Sun Offensive reputation, PvP Honour or anything else, I've been flying around Outlands and Azeroth. The reason, other than trying to collect a big stack of 350 Burning Blossoms, is gold.

There are two quests of note here, Honor the Flame which pays 5g 95s and 5 blossoms, and Desecrating the Flames, paying 11g 99s and 10 blossoms. The Wowhead entry for Honor the Flame has a big list of the locations of all the various bonfires, in the comments. I also used Kaliope’s cheat sheet from Kaliope’s WoW Crafting Blog.

There are 25 horde fires, 27 alliance fires and 5 neutral towns with both. This means from honouring flames a level 70 can make 178g 5s and 150 blossoms. For getting a bit nasty and doing some desecrating, a level 70 can make 383g 68s and 320 blossoms. Kerching! Of course the honouring can be done safely in small play time chunks; flying around Azeroth on bats or windriders takes a fair amount of time, so I can watch TV, read the web, etc while doing it.

I was also spotted last night Stealing Darnassus' flame. These are the most fun of the quests, involving infiltrating enemy territory and stealing their flame. Well, clicking on their bonfire, getting a fire explosion back and a quest item appear in your bag. Note nothing else seems to happen; I clicked on the fire a number of times before I noticed the item in my inventory. Luckily there were only lowbies hanging around, none of which attacked. The reward is 25 blossoms and more gold. I'm planning a early Sunday morning raid into Stormwind and Ironforge, hoping the alliance will all be sleeping...

Thanks to WoW Insider's guide

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