Saturday, 21 June 2008

Midsummer's questing and Ice Lording

Today the Midsummer event starts, so lured in with the promise of free epics I went along with a guild group to see Lord Ahune. The rest of this post contains spoilers so beware!

Firstly I picked up a quest from Orgrimmar outside Thrall's hall - apparently the Twilight Hammer are up to no good again so off to the Zoram Strand to investigate some Unusual Activity I went.

When I got there the missive I looted from a corpse indicated something was up, so I has to go spy on some mysterious guests using an Innocent Disguise - the disguise is awesome because you turn into a Crab!

As a crab I pottered up the beach to discover that the Twilight Hammer is plotting to release a Frost Lord to fight the Fire Lord and take over in the resulting chaos. Back to Orgrimmar to report my findings, the elder I spoke to there was shocked and I was immediately dispatched to Coilfang Slave Pens to report for duty.

My group in Slave Pens was a Hunter, 2 Feral Druids, 1 Tankadin and myself. We were charged with summoning the Ice Lord Ahune ourselves and killing him. After thawing the big ice cube Lord Ahune appears in a spectacular style and proceeds to send waves of ice elemental at us.

This fight was not easy at all, certainly far harder than the Headless Horseman from Halloween. The waves of adds came with an elite ice elemental which had to be tanked and did a stacking debuff on the druid tank which made him harder to heal. The small non-elite ice elemental adds were rounded up by the paladin and DPSed down by the feral druid, while the hunter DPSed the elite. Periodically frost crystals would form at my feet and seconds later turn into a giant spike of ice which sent me shooting up into the air, interrupting heals. The non-elites also randomly frostbolted party members, so the damage taken was all over the party. I kept Earth Shield up on the tankadin and healed the druid tank and everyone else with a mix of Chain Heal and Healing Wave. Worse the frostbolts kept on removing my Water Shield so I had to keep an eye on that.

With the first phase over the Ice Lord's crystal became attackable so 25% of its health was taken down before the waves of adds started all over again. During this time I had ran out of mana, so received Innervates, potted or dropped a Mana Tide Totem. Frost resistance totem and/or Paladin frost resistance aura would help immensely during this fight, if only either of us had remembered to use them.

Finally after a couple of wipes we got him down (on phase 5 I kid you not), and a chest spawned with a quest item and 1 epic cloak. It was a fun fight and quite hard for our group which lacked AOE damage. Definitely not wellfare epics for us.

Unfortunately the healing cloak didn't drop but I did get a DPS caster cloak, the Cloak of Frigid Winds. Definitely the most challenging healing of my career thus far.


Anonymous said...

if you went all the way to phase 5 wow lol sound like you need more AoE dps i have done him many times and ave found that fire mage, shaman healer, warlock, tank,and something else i like to have everyone group up and aoe the adds down really easy then go all ut on him poping all cool downs hehe my groups an usally down him in 2 cycles

Rakhman said...

Aye we were seriously lacking DPS in that fight and I think it was more luck than party make up, because the next 2 attempts we failed somewhere around phase 3. Probably because everyone's 10 min cooldowns were cooling down :(

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