Saturday, 28 June 2008

New Shaman spells in Wrath

As the beans have been spilled according to this Wow Insider blog from the WWI dev panel, time to talk new shaman spells.

Hex, 1.5 sec cast, turn an enemy into a frog for 8-10 seconds, 1 min cooldown. This looks similar to druid Hibernate, a short duration CC. I expect this to be used at the start of a pull to CC an add for enough time to DPS down another one, similar how we use Hibernate today (when the druid in question has trained it). It will also be really good for controlling unexpected adds, either to give time to kill the original target, or to leg it. Always welcome since my only escape option is Earthstomp followed by Ghost Wolf. I'd really prefer a better, more reliable CC like Polymorph or even Freezing Trap, but this reasonable if the cooldown stays short enough for it to be useful for every pull.

Combining totems, eg Strength of Earth and Grace of Air on the same totem. Interesting, this will lead to less spamming totems if we can put 2 down to cover what 4 did, but how will they explain putting an Earth and Air element effect onto the same totem exactly? Can you say Retcon?

Totems will affect the whole raid. This is awesome, along with news that windfury will affect druids in beast forms. It will help our raid leader figure out a good group setup, and probably make Shamans even more in demand in our 10 man raids.

Weapon enchants revamped, Rockbiter is replaced by Earthliving, which gives a +Healing buff. Yes please is all I can say, extra +Healing is always welcome, especially as I shouldn't be meleeing when in healbot mode.

So far so good!

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Boudi said...

This frog spell looks great. now I can't wait to get both of my shaman ( one on each side)to 70 to be ready for the expansion!

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