Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Shared Topic: Preparing for Wrath

This is a response to a Blog Azeroth shared topic.

Although Wrath is probably 4 to 5 months away, it lingers at the back of my mind like the whispers of the Lich King himself. Well ok maybe not, but I do keep it in mind. Part of my mission with Kam is to get a feel for what healing is like, whether I enjoy it and if I want to do it come Wrath. An expansion and the consequent gear rest is the ideal time to switch mains, so knowing which character to take forward is a definite aim of mine.

Gold wise I'm sure that the many quests in the expansion will provide a fair amount of gold; the flying mount at level 70 was 800 gold but I had made around 1000 just questing, so I could easily afford it. The epic flying mount is another matter entirely; if Blizzard follow the current mount pattern with Wrath there will be a highly expensive thing to buy for a whole lot of gold. Having a large cash buffer all ready will enable me to buy this thing when I hit 80, so I am slowly piling up the gold. Will the skill to fly a mount in Northrend be this thing, or will a mount-with-passenger slot be it?

As a fairly casual player, I will definitely be planning my questing with respect to the reputations; in TBC doing the dungeons first or getting to honoured by RRQ hand-ins was key to easily hitting revered for certain factions. I can hope that Blizzard won't do it this way again, but there is always a certain amount of grind built in - instances need to be run multiple times to get reputation and I suspect they will design Wrath like this. I'll be doing a whole load of quests and hope to see the inside of every instance between level 70 and level 80. I'm counting on being a healer will help here and I can get into guild groups or even PUGs. I'm not totally convinced by levelling as resto, but if enough people are online tagging along to do quests in groups will help immensely.

While the internet is awash with alpha leaks, I'm trying not to find out about everything so I might be surprised when I get questing in Northrend. I'd hope to experience some of the lore and maybe surprises I reckon Blizzard are putting in; discovering that Dwarves are in fact Earthen moulded by the makers back in Ulduman was very cool for me, finding out fel orcs are powered by the blood of Magtheridon in Outlands was awesome. I'm really looking forward to the Tauren lore and more on the whole undead scourge storylines, given the Plaguelands are some of my favourite zones in the game.

So, in conclusion, while the Wrath news is coming out and we're getting excited, I'll be getting on with some Shaman action in the current World of Warcraft.

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Saresa said...

I agree, seeing the new lore is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. I love finding new story lines (even if I am not such a huge fan of the rep grinds that go along with them!).

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