Monday, 30 June 2008

Two Captured Flames - I have them

Or for those of you who like lolcats, 2 Captured Flames - I haz dem. But enough of that. I did in fact spend all my play time this weekend flying around honouring and desecrating flames, so much so that Kam is now the proud owner of a Captured Flame and is several hundred gold better off. My hunter alt also has a Captured Flame because, well the gold is really easy.

Why the pet and not the Brazier? Some one had put a Brazier out in Shattrath, so I got to try out the /dance emote on it myself. It *is* quite neat to be turned into a burning, dancing Draenei, I must admit, however after a minute's dancing I got bored and moved off to do some quests. Which is what I suspect will be the case if I got one myself. So a pet it is, to follow me through whatever instance I am in, into all the dark places, in and out of danger. Or maybe not quite yet because lots of other people will surely have them now, so maybe it's time for the Winter's Veil robot to come out.

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Gwaendar said...

I made the exact same choice on the exact same reasoning :)

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