Saturday, 14 June 2008

Nagrand Resto quest reward items

I was helping out a couple of guildies in Nagrand yesterday, on a mad trip to try to get all the prerequisites for the Greatmother Chain done. This is a cool epic quest chain with some nice lore at the end, and I love both long convoluted quest chains and lore.

The reward for completing Forge Camp: Annihilated is the Metallic Headband of Simm'onz, which is a very nice upgrade from my previous Of Healing greenie. What's more amusing is that the WoWhead comments seem to think this is a tribute to either Gene Simmons or Richard Simmons. Having investigated and I reckon it's Gene of Kiss (and the recent programme where he makes schoolkids rock) fame, due to his wearing of metallic gear in the 70s. These little unexpected touches contribute to making WoW such a nice game, when you recognise or get a reference its pure magic.

The other interesting thing I learnt last night, from the resto shaman accompanying our party, was that the Engineering Epic Mail healing helm can be used at level 62! It wasn't easy to get one before 2.4, but now the required Primal Nether is Bind on Equip, it is entirely possible to make one and start using it at level 62.

Finally it is possible for Durn the Hungerer to be killed by a party of 1 level 67 feral druid and 2 level 70 resto shaman. We managed it by using both fire elementals for DPS, alternately healing then DPSing and popping Bloodlust one after the other.

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