Friday, 20 June 2008

Shattered Halls solo healing

Our main tankadin is currently grinding Thrallmar reputation with a view to getting the subtlety cloak enchant. So last night I went on a Shattered Halls normal run as main healer; our group was Tankadin, Enhancement Shaman, Warlock, Holy Priest dpsing and me. Very little crowd control but who needs it with a tankadin?

Generally things went well; I put Earth Shield on the tankadin before a pull, kept an eye on the shaman and only needed to heal the tank when ES wore off. Again Chain heal came in very useful - when the shaman took damage I could CH him and it would bounce to the tankadin and heal her up too. A couple of times we managed to pull an extra group of 6; once we died when we pulled yet another group of 6, once we survived when we kept them under control and burned them down. Mana Tide totem certainly came in handy there. Again the emergency healing macro I got from Elitist Jerks came in useful to save the lunatic enhancement shaman - you're not a tank you know!


  • Grand Warlock Nethekurse. Pretty easy, he deathcoiled me twice but I was keeping Earth Shield up on the tank so no healing was lost. Probably best to have a Tremor Totem down for this one. At 20% he goes nuts and starts shadowbolting and does big damage to the melee, so I had to start chain casting chain heals onto the tank until they got out of his range, then quickly Lesser Healing Waved anyone who took damage. I put a Searing Totem down to do a bit of DPS.
  • Warbringer O'mrogg. He does an AOE fear so I had a Tremor Totem down to catch it. Again I kept Earth Shield on the tank - because the healing from ES is attributed to the healee, the tank actually gets more threat from ES, so when O'mrogg does his aggro reset he generally tended to stick on the tank. Again a Searing Totem was my guilty contribution to DPS.
  • Warchief Kargath Bladefist. Amusingly because we had a tankadin she tanked both Kargath and his adds, so I kept ES up on her all the time, stuck down a Fire Elemental and went to hide in a corner. The melee needed healing because of the adds; Chain Heal is great for this. When he did his blade dance most party members took damage so needed a heal or two. This time the enhancement shaman and I coordinated our bloodlusts so we had around 60 seconds of it before Kargath died. One tip I learnt is to recall any totems before running up the steps to start the encounter; if there are totems in the corridor they will aggro the assassins who spawn at the bottom of the stairs. Not good.

A pretty good run, only one death and one wipe, I completed The Will of the Warchief and got a very nice cloak upgrade as a reward. Plus yet more Enhancement gear no one else wanted.

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