Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Ramparts and Blood Furnace sandbagging

Finally last night I managed to get a group together to do some instance healing. Unfortunately the instances in question were Ramparts and Blood Furnace, normal mode, in a full level 70 group apart from a level 64 feral druid (who was DPSing). Predictably Ramparts and BF fell without any trouble, apart from a scary moment when the tankadin got bored and decided to pull about 10 mobs onto himself. My emergency heal macro came in very useful in that situation.

Because we had a melee heavy party (Enhancement Shaman, Tankadin, Lock and Cat Durid) I was using Chain heal an awful lot and it really shone. Typically 2 or 3 of the melee units would take some damage, all I had to do was target the most damaged, hit chain heal and the other 2 would magically be restored. Awesome.

I was also practising using the Grid mod which seems to show health a lot clearer than the default UI, especially as I have positioned it near the middle of my screen so I can see it quickly. I am however having funny issues with the using one hand to cast the heals, the other hand to control the mouse to select the healee and finding some way of moving to cancel a heal. Maybe I need a key bound to a /stopcasting macro or something.

Despite the low level of the dungeons, I still managed to get a gear upgrade; the Holy Healing Band from a quest in Blood Furnace. A priest friend of mine says she still uses her band in Karazhan, so I'm quite pleased with it. I also wonder quite what's up with the item distribution in WoW that a ring from a level 63 instance hasn't been replaced by entering a level 70 raid instance. Maybe there is a better ring out there in a higher instance, or maybe the loot really is just all over the place.

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Cynra said...

The problem you mentioned with Grid is one of the reasons why I'm still running with the antiquated CTRaidAssist and haven't moved onto Grid or HealBot. One-click healing is a anathema to me; I found that I was always clicking a person in my raid interface and starting a heal when all I wanted to do was target them so that I could Dispel. All in all, my healing performance decreased while using Grid or similar mods.

I'll go back to them one day, when I have them customized as I want. For the time being, I'm still near the top as a Holy priestess sans Circle of Healing and that's something worth bragging about despite being horrendously old-school!

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