Monday, 9 June 2008

A solution to cancelling heals by twitching

On my Ramparts and Blood Furnace runs I was having difficulties cancelling heals when they were not needed. Now I'd got it into my head that I could move around a bit to cancel the heal, all very well apart from making me look a little odd, twitching around at the back of the party. However I was using one hand to guide the mouse around to select people, the other hand was pressing the healing buttons so that left no hands free to move around.

Luckily Wynthea over on world of matticus posted her Super-Secret Macros which include how to create a macro which cancels the currently casting spell and casts a heal. Something like:

#showtooltip Healing Wave(Rank 12)
/cast Healing Wave(Rank 12)

I'll definitely give this a go next time I go healing. On an unrelated note you wouldn't think the infernal above could be frozen would you?


Gwaendar said...

The problem with this that when you're in a tight spot and need to chain heals (no pun intended) in a fast sequence, if you use eg quartz but in fact hit your macro too soon, you can cause a wipe because you cancel a vital heal.

Twitching is better IMO

Rakhman said...

Good point, I'll have to definitely try this in a non-critical situation and see if I do end up cancelling heals in a dodgy situation. It's nice being able to spam a healing button to make sure you are always casting a heal.

Maybe I do really need a button bound to the stopcasting macro which I can be hitting so I am explicitly cancelling a heal on the tank when it is not needed. I'll also give that a spin.

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