Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Erk! Shaman class changes

Excitingly a thread about if people would stay Shaman in Wrath has been commented on by a Blizzard class designer no less. Unfortunately the response was somewhat short, merely stating I think you'll stay. Luckily later on we have a funny parody of Family Guy with some actual information... that Totems are in the physical school now. Seems like this is a useful change for Arenas and PvP, although I'm not convinced for PvE at the level I'm playing (ie fresh 70 level). I'd also be surprised if a Blizzard class designer posted "Actually I'm gonna slack off on this class this time around, I got GTA 4 to play you know" or somesuch thing, so these kind of terse responses are a bit annoying really, revealing only that they are indeed doing their job at the moment and designing some stuff. I just hope Koraa can be lured into revealing more juicy tidbits.

I'm personally hoping for more elementally talents, like control of elementals (an enslaved elemental as a minion would be cool), some more fun with fire and of course more lightning.

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