Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Midsummer festival Shaman items

On Saturday the Midsummer festival begins in WoW, with plenty of quests to go lighting bonfires around Azeroth. What's interesting for me is that the festival was revamped to add a Headless Horseman type boss in the Slave Pens, by the name of Lord Ahune. This guy will be summonable once per day per character, so 5 times in all for a full group, and drops some nice loot. Basically the loot seems to be renamed 25 Badges of Justice cloaks, plus a 2 handed spell damage scythe, so this is a good opportunity to save on spending badges and get some nice loot for yourself.

The item most of interest to me is the Shroud of Winter's Chill with 46 +healing. Compare it with Bishop's Cloak; they are the same. The cloak has 17 int and 8 mp5, which beats the crafted White Remedy Cape I'm after by 1 mp5. With 3 points in the Nature's Blessing talent the 17 int equates to +5.1 healing, so the cloak will give +51 healing overall. Still not the +59 healing of the White Remedy but that int also gives 255 mana and 0.21% crit (according to warcrafter.net). Warcrafter.net is pretty good for doing all these calculations easily, although I've noticed that it doesn't pick up on Nature's Blessing, so it still shows the cloak has +46 healing whereas it actually gives +51. Still, it saves too much head-scratching so that's good.

According to a recent Kunzite's blog post, Badges of Justice can be a Source of Gold, where one badge could fetch as much as 20 gold if you bought an epic gem with them then sold it. So in theory getting the Shroud of Winter's Chill could save me 25 badges thus 500 gold; well 500 virtual gold anyway, I have far too much badge gear to get to be spending them on things to sell.

As well as the healing cloak, Lord Ahune also drops a decent looking enhancement cloak and that spell damage scythe, all good for offspec and farming gear. I'm hoping our regular guild raids will be rescheduled to allow plenty of farming time on Lord Ahune and I recommend you all take a look.

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